A Dream of Philanthropy

The Kuehl Scholarship Fund helps students excel

Students studying

Nearly 100 students in the UC Santa Barbara Division of Humanities & Fine Arts have benefited from the Kuehl Scholarship.

As a WWII Women's Army Corps dispatcher, Mensa member, teacher and dedicated education advocate, Mathilda "Mitzi" Christensen Kuehl led a rich life. Thanks to a generous bequest from Mitzi and her husband, William "Bill" Kuehl, nearly 100 students in the UC Santa Barbara Division of Humanities & Fine Arts have received scholarships to support their education.

The disciplines that Kuehl Scholarship recipients study range from traditional areas that have been at the heart of a liberal arts education for thousands of years, such as classics, history and philosophy, to programs that are redefining the university in the 21st century, such as media arts and technology. Kuehl Scholarship recipients graduate from college with the ability to think critically and express ideas effectively.

Mitzi, who worked her way through UCLA and UC Santa Barbara as a medical secretary, always dreamed of providing a modest scholarship. During World War II, she joined the Women's Army Corps in Washington, D.C., and was dispatched to Santini Air Strip near Hollandia, New Guinea.

After the war, Mitzi taught elementary and high school for many years. Her high school classes focused on the humanities: German, English and art. As a lifelong teacher, Mitzi understood the importance of student support.

Mitzi and Bill's bequest is realized each year as a new class of students explores the fine arts and humanities at UC Santa Barbara. The Kuehls' endowment ensures that future Gauchos have the opportunity to become the humanists and artists who seek to understand our world.

Like the Kuehls, you can include a gift in your will or other estate plan to support UC Santa Barbara students well into the future. Contact Ilana Ormond at ilana.ormond@ucsb.edu or 805-893-5556 to learn more.