A Wider World

Phil Spector

Trustee Phil Spector '72 supports UC Santa Barbara's teaching, research, and public service.

UC Santa Barbara transformed how Trustee Phil Spector '72 engaged with the world. As a student, Phil studied abroad in England and became deeply involved with the UC Santa Barbara Department of Political Science. He created an unrestricted legacy gift for campus to help students excel for generations to come.

"I believe that unrestricted gifts are generally the best," said Phil. "My unrestricted gift supports the whole university with the most flexibility, and it is more permanent than my annual gifts."

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, Phil earned a law degree from Harvard University. Phil's mentorship with political science Professor Larry Adams helped him understand how government and policy intersect, crucial to his long career in Washington, D.C.

"Larry Adams made these philosophers real and part of one's life in a way that was inspiring and exciting," Phil said. "There was, for me, an intellectual awakening from professors here who inspired me and who made me do new things."

Phil believes a legacy gift is part of good estate planning. He would like to see UC Santa Barbara's endowment grow to rival Harvard's, leading to more student support.

"I received some scholarships when I was at UC Santa Barbara, so giving back is important," said Phil. "UC Santa Barbara educated me and opened my eyes to a wider world."

Just like Phil, you too can leave a lasting legacy at UC Santa Barbara. To learn how, contact Ilana Ormond at 805-893-5556 or ilana.ormond@ucsb.edu.