An Investment for the Future

Tim Fisher

Tim Fisher

One of UCSB's great arts experiences is our Arts & Lectures (A&L) program. When Tim Fisher and his wife, Audrey, moved to Santa Barbara, they attended a few programs and were hooked. They began underwriting programs, and Tim joined the A&L Council. A few years ago, A&L launched an endowment campaign to ensure it would thrive in the years ahead.

Tim recently made a generous irrevocable commitment in his estate plan.

"Endowment funds are the hardest to raise and are so important for the long-term health of the organization," he says. "A strong endowment allows the staff to focus their day-to-day demands on delivering world-class programming instead of fundraising."

Tim hopes that his commitment will inspire others to make gifts through their estates. "Bequests and other planned gifts are elegantly simple-in most cases it requires only a paragraph in your will or trust," he says.

Tim adds that A&L "is an invaluable partner, and the community is enriched as a result."